Hey there,

My name is Anoop Gupta. I am Chartered Account from the Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India. I have done my B Com (Hons) from Delhi University. I have been working in Financial Services Industry for last 16 years.

I have a passion for reading books on subjects such as Personal Financial Management, Self Development, Spirituality, Leadership and Motivation. My quest for learning made me do a two year course in Astrology from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Delhi followed by one year Research. I hope to devote more time to astrology in the times to come.

I love observing human behaviours and always try to understand Human Psychology that decides our reactions to different situations.

My motive is Self Development and i always try to motivate people who are in touch with me so that we all can lead a Happy and Meaningful life.

I will be more than happy if i can be of any help to you in your pursuit for Self Development and Happy Living.

You can get in touch with me by sharing your experiences and problems on my email id anoopgupta151275@gmail.com

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