The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Families

International Best Selling Author Steven R. Covey explains in his book “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Families”. Read the complete book for a Happy Family Life


Habit 1 : Be Proactive

                 Becoming an agent of change in your family

Habit 2 : Begin with the End In Mind

                 Developing a Family Mission Statement

Habit 3 : Put First Things First

                 Making Family a Priority in a Turbulent World

Habit 4 : Think “Win-Win”

                 Moving from “Me” to “We”

Habit 5 : Seek First to Understand . . . Then to Be Understood

                 Solving Family Problems Through Empathic Communication

Habit 6 : Synergise

                 Building Family Unity Through Celebrating Differences

Habit 7 : Sharpen The Saw

                 Renewing the Family Spirit Through Traditions



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