Are We Becoming More Selfish Day By Day

Being selfish means lacking consideration for other people, concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. Going by the definition, you will agree that most of us are selfish. The only difference being the extent to which we are selfish varies from person to person.

Having said that, we also need to acknowledge that still there are lot of people, who always come forward to help others whenever need arises. I respect and admire such people because they are actually doing what God expects us to do.

The purpose of this post is to focus on acts of selfishness in our day to day lives. Knowingly or unknowingly, we indulge in activities which cause inconvenience and pain to others. By paying attention to our behaviour, at least we should try to correct our selfish nature to the extent possible and be of help to others.

So let’s have a look at some of real life experience which we all share almost daily.

In husband and wife relationship, you will rarely find a couple where there is a balance in relationship. Either the husband has a dominating nature or wife is the one who dominates. Is it not selfishness? And the result is that the quality of life suffers.

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These days, managing small children is a big issue where both the parents are working. Lot of couples prefer to keep their elderly parents with them just because they know, their parents will take care of grand children. Though I am happy for these grand-parents because at least they get the love and affection of their grand children; but it would have been much better if their children stayed in joint family out of love and not out of compulsion. It would have improved the quality of life for all the three generations.

Have you attended a marriage where there is delay in serving chapattis? As soon the waiter arrives with bread basket, people catch hold off him and grab as many chapattis as they can. The result is that waiting time for others increase considerably. You may laugh it out. But does this act not put a question mark on our mentality.

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One of the most common examples of our indifferent attitude is how we deal with situations where we come across accident victim who needs our help; or someone who becomes unconscious at a public place and needs medical help urgently. In these situations, we often give priority to reaching office in time or try to avoid botheration of taking the needy to a hospital. The result is we just leave the victim to be helped by others. Although it’s an irony that when our near and dear ones are victims, we expect others to help them out and are full of praise for those who actually provided the much needed help.

Have you come across situations which are turning points in your life and you need career advice badly? And you know a senior, who is well established and comfortably placed in his field and he can guide you properly. But you don’t get any help from him. May be that the person feels, I had to face so many hardships in my earlier life. So let the other person struggle. Lack of time and willingness to help others could also be the reason for his indifference. Is it not selfishness?

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In businesses, if a customer has limited knowledge of a product, most of the times he is made to pay more for the product by the sales person. Or ignorant customers are influenced to buy products which don’t suit their requirements.

I can keep on throwing examples of rampant selfishness which surround us and we are all party to it. Be it wrong parking of car in front of other car to save our time and effort but to cause inconvenience to others; or charging of extra fares by taxi and auto rickshaw drivers near railway stations and bus stands because travellers are new to the city; or charging as per their wish during night time, the list goes on and on.

We are always ready with the report card of others. We are experts in fault finding and blaming others. But where is our report card? Are we willing to review our marks and work upon ourselves to score better in this subject called life? If we can work upon our behaviour, then I can assure you, we will be benefited the most from it. So let’s be selfish and leave this habit of selfishness.

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