And You Thought Yelling And Losing Temper Helps In Getting Things Done

Being in Service Industry, i often get an opportunity to observe customer behaviour while they deal with Customer care or front desk executives for getting their issues resolved.

There are some customers who are extremely polite in their behaviour. However at times, they have to run from pillar to post to get their routine jobs done. You get a feeling as if they have to suffer due to their soft nature.

Similarly you have lot of customers, who have mastered the art of misusing the Customer friendly approach of Companies to their advantage. They know that by yelling and getting angry on the junior executives of the company, they can get their work done even if the same was not possible as per normal Company policies.

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They are able to get reversal of charges done in their accounts or get heavy discounts by creating scenes in office premises.

And what is surprising is that everybody tries to accede even to unjustified demands of such people just to get rid such tricky people.

On the other hand same executives keep harassing at times genuine people by asking them to visit office multiple times or asking for additional documentations and so on.

I have been observing this same phenomenon in every walk of life around me for years.

It makes me sad to see people succumbing to the pressure tactics of tough nuts on one hand and not willing to help out genuine people on the other hand.

I keep asking myself, if by Yelling and loosing temper, i can get my things done so easily in this world; then is it not a smart tactic to adopt and achieve success in life.

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But even though i know people have been succeeding by adopting this approach, somehow my heart doesn’t allow me to follow this path.

My heart tells me to preserve my true inner self. Not to lose my individual identity by copying others style. It keeps saying that by following your soul, you may be losing on smaller battles, but ultimately you will be winner in life. So always try to be humble and help those who need your help.

No matter how smart people may be, but up there God is watching who is judging people by their acts. All your good deeds are getting registered and they are actually the seeds of your future happiness.

This happiness could come in the form of an understanding wife, supportive parents and siblings, true friends, disease free long life or great success in career etc. This could be God’s way of rewarding you for your good deeds. Only God knows how his scheme of things works?

I am sure you all come across similar situations in life where it is difficult to make a choice between the answers that originate from Mind and which come straight from your heart.

I want you to share your similar dilemmas in life and how do you choose an appropriate course of action for the same.

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  1. Hi Anoop,

    Most of time some customers cannot control the yelling depending on the experience they get from customer service reps. Over here in Nigeria, you can totally feel disgusted (mostly at the banks) at the manner a customer service person may attend to you which can justify your ranting. However, it isn’t always their fault as they are humans too. Whichever way i think that our behaviour should depend on our experience with whoever we are dealing with and of course playing our part by being kind.

    Thanks for sharing and do have a nice day!

    • Anoop Gupta

      Hi Emeka

      Most of us have the habit of either dominating others or to allow others to dominate us. Very few of us know how to apply the Balanced approach which is to acknowledge and respect those who are polite; and to be assertive with those who unnecessarily try to dominate us.

  2. Hi Anoop

    You are so right. I sometimes wonder why Yelling and making a scene works more than being gentle.

    However, just like Emeka shared, customers are treated badly most times. So some people had developed the mindset of making a scene to get what they want.

    For me, I do believe that there are ways to get issues solved without making a scene.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

    • Anoop Gupta

      Hi Ikechi

      I agree that customers are not handled appropriately many a times. Its sad. Hence its all the more important for all us to introspect our behaviour towards others.

  3. I really thought in the past that yelling and shouting at others make me a more of a person since I acted like a boss but in the end I realized that trying to yell at someone really shows that I am uneducated and arrogant.

    • Anoop Gupta

      Hi Jonathan

      I am glad that you realized your mistake and had the courage to accept it and take corrective action.

  4. Couldn’t agree more. I, too, have been saddened by observing nasty people get their work done while polite, nice ones are too often taken for granted and ignored. It seems we don’t value ‘goodness’ while talking about it all the time.

    • Anoop Gupta

      Hi Lata

      Welcome to my blog. I can understand your pain. But the good thing is, people who are nice, polite and who adhere to the values are the ultimate winners in the journey of life.

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