I Am The Culprit, Why To Blame Others

As time passes by, we often tend to forget what we have learnt earlier in life. So it is always better to keep revising the lessons of life that shape up our Success.
One such lesson for Success in Life is to understand how our mind works. Our Mind is just like a Car and you can always control it the way you want to your advantage as is the case with a good driver. The choice is yours.

This post is an attempt to make you understand with examples how our mind works and how we can use the Mind Power to change the outcomes of our teething problems and thereby shape up our Destiny.
Let me start with a few examples to make you understand my point.
Different reactions in similar situations
A junior in Office – I was not in a good mood. A junior colleague came to me to get his problem solved. I told him it is not possible. I was not wrong. Of course the probability of getting his problem resolved was low. But i was refusing without giving it a try. So this man’s problem remained unresolved.
Sometime later, a thought came in my mind. What i did with that junior was not fair. I should have tried for him. At that very moment, another junior came with a similar problem. This time, i spoke to few officials and ultimately his problem got resolved.
You can see how we tuned our mind-set changed the outcome of a similar situation.
How competition lets you do things – A certain problem required my attention. I was convinced that it was very difficult to resolve the problem. I was almost willing to give up.
The very next moment a thought came in my mind. What if my counter-part from other region gets this done for his Sales team? I was not willing to let this happen. So i tried my level best and we came up with a solution.
So sometimes, the competitive spirit makes you achieve difficult tasks. If you know how to instigate your Mind Power to compete to achieve difficult goals, nobody can stop you from being Successful.
My wife – It was a chilling winter evening. I came from office and found that my wife had forgotten to switch off the geyser and it was on for two hours.
She was terrified because she knew this would have made me very upset. But luckily for her, today i was not my usual self. The reason was during the day in office, i had observed how a newly married sub-ordinate of mine was extremely polite with his wife while talking on phone. It was really surprising for me to see how courteous one can be with his wife.
Otherwise internet is flooded with jokes how all husband and wives are poles apart and how they keep fighting on the silliest of matters. But this whole evening, i was wondering about this subordinates behaviour.
So to my wife’s surprise and unlike other days, i was willing to forgive her and on the contrary was thinking about all the good memories and happiness she had brought in my life.
Different reaction in different Situations
Economy was slowing down for years. Industry i was into was shrinking year after year. There was no enthusiasm, no challenge in life. My confidence was at an all time low. I could not foresee how i could bring value addition to the Companies.
Slowly as the Economy improved, the whole Industry was buzzing with fresh activity. I was flooded with whole lot of assignments which were so challenging. My mind was busy planning and executing the big projects day and night. My lost confidence had returned. My Mind was telling me, you had done it in the past and you had been delivering consistently. Then why won’t you deliver this time.
And I was thinking sitting on my Chair “It was me only when the Odds were against me. And today also it’s me who has to execute. Only the odds are in my favour. But see how the confidence in me has changed with change in Situation. If I am not disheartened by the adverse situations in life, our Mind has the power to take us to un-parallel heights.” 
How others influence my actions – Some time back, I started with a new project. The purpose was to start working in a direction which will ultimately lead me to a career which i am currently not into but would love to be in.
I worked hard and a year passed by. I was getting reasonable success in my goals and i was pretty happy about it.
Then one fine day, my wife asked me “What was the point in spending so much time on a goal from which still you have not been able to earn a penny. You won’t be able to carry on like this for too long.”
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I felt very de-motivated. My Mind said “She was right. If i could not make money till now, the probability of making money in future will also be bleak. So what is the point in continuing?” And i was almost willing to shun my goal.
However later on, when i thought about it with a positive mind-set, my whole approach to the issue changed. The purpose of this goal was to choose a career path which makes me happy. Money was a secondary issue  which anyway will follow with time. You can always innovate actions to make you achieve things the way you want.
So have firm belief in yourself and your goals. Don’t get deterred by others perceptions.
I hope by now you would realize how powerful our Mind is. If you can develop the art of stopping by and realizing how by changing our reactions to the situations in life, we can control the outcomes exactly the way we want.
But sad part is, we fail to realize that what stops us from achieving our true potential is no-body else but ourselves, our mind-set. We are busy blaming outside world and all others trying to change them as per our wishes. Actually we need to change from within.

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