Every Problem Has A Solution

We all know life is a mixture of joy and sorrow. There are times when we are flying high riding on the wings of Success. Similarly there are times when the tides are against us. The feeling is as if we are falling off a cliff in free fall with no ray of hope, nobody who will provide a helping hand.
Most of us tend to forget the happy moments of our life and focus on the bitter experiences and problematic situations of our life. The result is that we are neither able to enjoy life fully nor we are able to overcome problems in life. Ultimately we fail to explore our true potential in life.

“Life is like paper. Don’t make it heavy by drowning it into water of sorrow and pain. Instead make it lighter by letting it blow in the wind of joy and happiness.” By Anurag Prakash Ray
Let’s try to pay attention as to how do we behave when we are faced with challenges in life? How we perceive the problems in life and how we respond to the problems in life?
Our belief system – Do we believe that a solution to problem exists. Are we fully convinced?
Our belief system plays an important role in finding solutions to problems. No matter how big the challenge is and how difficult the problem, if our mind firmly believes that a solution exists or is possible, there is high probability that it will explore various alternatives and find a way out.
The reason is simple. If you work with a positive attitude, your mind focuses on the core issue. It gathers whatever relevant information relating to the issue is available and accordingly takes a decision.
However if we are not convinced that we can overcome a particular problem, our mind will keep on looking for excuses thereby discouraging us from taking any action. So what we feared about will actually happen. We will fail in our efforts.
Sometimes you may not have solutions to few problems in short term
As we delve deeper into this subject, you will realize that Solutions are available to most of our problems. Still there may be certain events or circumstances which are beyond our control. But to accept the harsh realities of life and finding means of overcoming such challenges is in our hands.
Untimely death of our dear ones could be one such event. Still how we accept this reality, how we handle such circumstances and how we design our life in the aftermath of such tragedy is in our hands.
There are people who completely get shattered after such tragedies. But there are also those brave hearts, which come out even stronger out of it.
You would have seen cases where ladies after death of their husband show great mental resolve and take all possible steps to facilitate their children take best of education. These ladies display immense strength by getting financially independent as well as providing strong emotional support to children.
How do we handle our problems in life?
Are we willing to accept that Problems are bound to come? Our approach to problem solving is actually a habit. Hence two persons facing with a similar problem often tend to react and approach the problem solving in different ways. Different people have different habits.
Many a time solutions to problems require change in our mind set. The question then arises “Are we willing to change?”
Most of the times, we are not willing to change because human beings try to avoid changes as far as possible.
So the next logical question is then can we change our habit or manner in which we approach to solve a problem? The answer is if we believe that there is fault in our approach, then surely we can change our habit.
Problems are the stepping stone to success
We often tend to face problems in Professional life and personal life. Whenever we have problems with other person, we unknowingly start believing firmly that the cause of the problem is that other person. He could be your Boss or Colleague in office or wife at home.
So our expectation is that other person needs to mend his ways so that the problem gets solved. And when this does not happen because the other person similarly blames us for his miseries, we are disheartened.
Understanding the root cause of the problem is very important. It is not necessary that solution to the problem will always be as per your wishes. This does not mean that solutions are not appropriate. We need to open up our mind.
Failure on our part to find solutions makes us uncomfortable. The result is we get stuck with our problems and get frustrated in life.
What we fail to understand is that obstacles actually provide us inputs which can help us in solving problems. The problems will be much lesser in number and quality of our lives will be a lot better, if we start adapting change with a positive mind-set.
In God’s design of this world, the purpose of problems is to make us strong. The day we realize this, our life will become a lot easier.
“Each problem has hidden it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognised a problem and turned it into opportunity.” By Joseph Sugarman
It is always possible that we may not achieve what we aim at. At times, our upbringing, family atmosphere, circumstances, schooling etc may be such that we might find achieving certain goals in the short term extremely difficult. We may have tried on something and failed.
Still it does not mean the end of World. One approach is that i didn’t get what i wanted. So i lost hope and i won’t aim anymore. The other approach is to explore if we can change our strategy and again aim at our goal. And still if we keep failing, what next best option is available that we can aim at. Let’s give a try to next best alternative tour goal and achieve it.
Again it is all controlled from our mind set. The day we realize how to use the remote control of our mind to its true potential, we will realize the power of mind to do wonders in our life.
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