9 Habits Of The Wealthy People That We All Should Develop

Habits, good or bad develop over time and ultimately shape up our personality. Good habits help us in achieving our goals a lot faster. Successful people realize the importance of good habits in shaping their destiny. Hence they knowingly work towards nurturing good habits regularly in their life.

On the other hand, Bad habits act as a major hindrance in achieving our goals and take us away from success.
The best part about habits is that we can consciously develop our good habits over time. Successful people do it and so can we.
Today we are going to discuss 9 common habits that are found in Wealthy people in this world. They have been taken from the famous book of author Thomas Corley“Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits Of Wealthy Individuals”.
Corley spent five years studying the lives of both rich people and poor people. He managed to figure out habits that differentiated the rich from poor. Our aim should be develop more of habits that are found in rich people.
Integrity – Those who are Wealthy and Successful display highest standards of integrity and honesty. Lot of people attain wealth but mostly people with high morals and ethics are only able to sustain with their Success and Wealth in the long run. These people have strong value system and their parents, immediate family members and surroundings play an important role in nurturing these values.
“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently” by Warren Buffett
Vision and Goal Setting – Rich people are visionaries. They are clear about what they want to achieve in their life, how they can live a happy and fulfilling life, what they need to do for the betterment of their family and the society in the long run. They are clear about their future destination and their long term goals.
They set attainable goals for the short term. They always accomplish their tasks efficiently by using to-do list. This helps in prioritizing important tasks and probability of forgetting things reduces. They are extremely focused in achieving their dreams. As they are able to achieve short term attainable goals, ultimately this habit takes them closer to their long term goals and dreams.
Persistence – Most of us have a wavering mind and we keep on hopping from one goal to another in the process not accomplishing any of the goals. At times failures make us dump our goals. On other occasions, newer trends and better opportunities lure us to dump our earlier goals.
However once wealthy people are clear on their goals, they religiously pursue their goals. Failures don’t deter them from the path of their dreams. They just don’t give up. They don’t get distracted. They keep innovating and keep trying with better and smarter ways to accomplish their goals.
“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence”– Unknown
Proactive and Positive Attitude– Nobody can escape challenges and problems posed by life. Only the nature and intensity of problems keep changing from person to person and from time to time. Those with positive attitude fight problems and overcome challenges in life with flying colour. Problems fail to take away happiness from the life of people with positive attitude.
Similarly when we talk about opportunities in life, we generally come across two types of people. There are people who wait for opportunities to come to them. And the other ones are our Wealthy and Successful people who go and look for opportunities. They shape up their own destiny by chasing opportunities and encashing them. 
Keep Gaining Knowledge – Most of the wealthy people develop the habit of spending some time daily on reading and gaining knowledge. They keep educating themselves and keep developing new skill sets. They prefer reading Non Fiction material on Self Development, Professional education, Biographies of Successful people, Financial Management and Investments etc.
They develop the habit of reading for gaining knowledge in their children also from a very young age. They know that Knowledge and Smart Work is the key ingredient in Wealth Generation.
Networking – Wealthy people like to remain in the company of Success oriented people and people who have positive mind set. They know this will help them in attaining knowledge, have a fresh and healthy attitude towards life and in remaining up to date about new business opportunities and ideas about wealth generation.
Hence they are willing to spend time on finding such like minded people. They consider this as an investment for future wealth generation. They are open to new ideas and respect people for their knowledge.
Health Conscious – These days it is very common to find young professionals who create immense wealth in the short term but are not health conscious. Hence they suffer from various heart related diseases and other ailments at a very young age.
However mostly wealthy people are very particular about their health. They know Wealth creation is a long-term process and they need to stay fit and healthy till the end of their life. They are very particular about their diet. They exercise and go meditation daily to keep both their body and mind healthy.
Take calculated risks – Wealthy people are willing to take calculated risks. They analyse the available information in the best possible manner and accordingly take decisions. They understand the risk involved in their decisions and accordingly take calculated risks keeping in mind Risk Reward Ratio.
“Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas but the courage that one has to bet on one’s idea – to take a calculated risk – and to actby Andre Malraux  
Create value for others – Wealthy people always deliver much more than what they are paid for thereby creating immense value for others. This works as a great strategy as it is a win-win situation for all and helps in building long term businesses on the foundation of mutual trust.
We all may be fully aware about these habits. But as i always keep reminding myself “Knowing is one thing but believing and putting it into action is what will change my life”.
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