PK’s Observations On Relationships

It was Saturday night and I had gone out to see movie PK with my family followed by dinner. I was deeply moved by the observations made by the character PK about our planet earth. We came back home but PK’s innocent observations were still moving in the back of my mind. We were all tired so I switched off the lights and closed my eyes.

It was probably early morning and I was in my dreams. It was then when PK came in my dreams. He told me that during his stay on earth, he got an opportunity to stay with different families and he had certain peculiar observations about how different people are handling their relationships.

He told me, one thing is clear that man is a social animal and he finds it extremely difficult to live alone. He asked why young couples find it so difficult to live with their own parents. PK knew a young couple who was extremely polite and considerate towards parents of their friends and colleagues. They behaved in a normal manner with elderly people in their society. But this couple found it impossible to stay with their own parents. Every word of sincere advice from parents was taken as a direct interference in the personal lives by young couple.

Then PK met with another elderly couple who were not staying with their married children. This elderly couple was quite well off with multiple properties and decent monthly pension. They wanted to live an independent life free from interference and they didn’t want to take the responsibility of their Grand children. They took it as a burden upon them. So they opted not to stay with their children. On the other hand, their son and daughter-in-law who were both working found it extremely difficult to manage their children once the school was over. Ultimately daughter-in-law had to leave her job to take care of the children.

PK was also surprised to know that in a family when wife’s parents got seriously ill, husband was lesser worried and didn’t care for much. However when this man’s own parents got ill, he was extremely worried and provided best possible care to his parents. If this was not enough, PK found similar behaviour from wife when her in laws got ill. PK was confused how husband and wife can have different benchmarks for each other’s parents.

Finally PK told story of a small boy. This small boy was very naughty and whenever his parents scolded him or tried to teach him what is right and what is wrong, this boy used to blackmail his parents that, he will leave the house and run away. But he never ran away. As time passed by, this boy turned into a handsome youth, got a decent job and got married to a beautiful lady. All these years till he got a job and got married, he kept abusing his parents that one day he will leave the house. And finally once he got married, after some time, he told his parents that since you keep on interfering in my life trying to teach me your own lessons, i am moving out of the house with my wife. Old parents were shattered but they couldn’t do anything.

PK told me, please try to understand how selfish man is since his childhood. As a small child, he was not happy why his parents taught him what was right and what was wrong. But at the same time, he knew that he needs food and caring from his parents because he is small. So it is in his interest to carry on with his parents despite their scolding also. But the moment, he grows up, he knows now I am strong and I can earn my living. Now my parents are old and weak. So now the time has come when I can get rid of my parents. This time he cares least about his elderly parents.

Similarly as small kids, we love our brothers and sisters so much. We hardly find any bad habits in our siblings because our love is so strong. But as we grow older, we start finding so many bad habits among siblings. We start getting hurt by their habits and behaviours. And when we start understanding money, we start doubting the intentions of our siblings. And then a day comes, when find it even difficult to stand next to our siblings.
As per PK, not everybody is like this on earth. But with time, more and more people have started behaving on those lines. PK told me we all need to do something about it.

He told me we are willing to find new friends, we are spending time with our colleagues in parties after office hours, and we are willing to do social work outside our homes. We are willing to connect with unknown on Facebook and LinkedIn. But we are not willing to revisit our relationships within our families.

We are all good human beings. Let’s stop finding faults and being judgemental about others. God has created us to help each other and live peacefully and happily. We cannot survive without each other’s love and support. Let’s accept it. Life will become a lot easier. 

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