Why we need Financial literacy

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After completing schooling, most of us go for Professional Courses. Some may become Doctors, Engineers, I.T Professionals, Law Graduates, MBA, Chartered Accountants,Cost Accountants, IAS, IPS etc. After completing Professional courses, we get into jobs and start getting decent salaries. We are on top of the world having the first feel of money and we are ready to start our journey of fulfilling our dreams. Dreams that we had nurtured as a child for ourselves which we feel our parents could not fulfill for us, and now the time has come when we can achieve anything. At this point of time, very few of us give it a thought whether we are financially literate. We may have all the big Professional degrees, we may be getting the best of Salaries in this world, but my question is, has any of the Educational Institutions given you Financial literacy. While most of us may think that of course they are financially literate, but i am afraid, actually its not true.
       Through this blog, slowly we will start realizing that actually we need to learn a lot of things before we start our journey of Financial Literacy. There is nothing like Rocket Science in this, its just Simple Common Sense. Something which is so Simple, but somehow we never give it a thought. Concepts that are available in best of Books available in market but then the question is, how many of us actually have the time to read those books. Some of us may not be knowing which are these books. And for those who have read those books, how many of you have actually understood and implemented the Concepts in your day to day life. So lets all start our journey of being Financially literate by helping each other through this blog.
Anoop Gupta 

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